Sunday, September 20, 2009

Banksy Graffiti, South Bank London

I chose to write about a piece that was done by the graffiti artist Banksy in South Bank London. This piece is of an artist standing and painting at an easel. It is a stenciled aerosol piece sprayed in black paint on a wall in a public setting of South Bank London.

I have always been drawn to graffiti art and the medium of aerosol paint. But what so greatly draws me to this piece over all other graffiti art, is Banksy's use of implied line, and how he is able to create such an interesting image with only the use of positive and negative shape to create the form of the artist standing at an easel.

What also draws me to Banksy's work is his use of setting. As a street artist Banksy's setting is in public spaces, and his aim is at the public audience, to make them think or simply smile. He doesn't keep his art away from the view of anyone, but instead makes it accessable to everyone. Another thing I greatly admire about this artist is that he creates the work, not for recognition or reputation, but for arts sake. For the sake of making people slow down and think. I know if I were rushing from one point to another and came across an art piece done by Banksy, I would not be able to help but stop, and that image would keep in my mind stimulating my thoughts. He doesn't do it for the personal fame, in fact he tries his best for his identity not to be discovered, but for the audience and the love of the art.

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  1. Look at you referencing parts of gestalt theory, you little art nerd you.

    I definitely love that for-art's-sake aspect of Banksy. It really is that he makes all of his urban, often ugly surroundings just a little more beautiful, a little easier to relate to. It's like giving out smiles, but less creepy.

  2. I also always liked that his work was accessible to all people and that his work was so life like. Last year I did a research paper about Banksy and did find him a little bit hypocritical though. Check it out:

  3. Good external information about the artists, his process and what you like about the work. I LOVE his stuff. Have you seen his show in London yet? (*on line that is?)
    Check it out